Tentative first steps

stepoutSo this is it. After a lifetime of writing, a year of planning, and five months on Farewell to Kindness (almost 60,000 words and counting), I’m here in public. I’ve set up a domain name, created a website and a blog, and begun a Facebook profile. I’ve mocked up a cover. I’ve added a bit of content, and written myself a list of other things to do.

I feel like the new girl in school.

After all these years growing confident in my profession, I now have a new one. Will I be any good? Will people like what I do?

I could say it doesn’t matter. I’m having fun. And it’s true that I’m having fun. I love writing. Each day, I have to drag myself away from the draft to do other things.

But having my work appreciated matters. Writing for myself is well and good. But the true test of whether I can write novels is you – you unknown people out there in the wide world that read historical romances. Without your approval, I’m a hobbyist. With it, I’m a novelist.

Watch this space.