Mob football

mobfootballOn Facebook, I’ve just reposted an article by EE Carter about medieval football. Great article, and I love the video clip (an ad starring David Beckham and friends) that she’s used to illustrate her piece.

I came across a description of mob football when I was researching village Whitsunweek activities for Farewell to Kindness, and I loved the idea. So a football match duly made its way into the novel, giving the villain an opportunity to attempt to kill my hero. (Yes, I know that would be a breach of mob football’s one rule, but he’s a villain, okay?)

Mob football is still played today in several parts of Britain, as shown in the following clip.


2 thoughts on “Mob football

  1. I love your video Jude! It’s kind of link the running of the bulls with a soccer ball (and I suspect just as many people would have been injured!)

    • As you mentioned, Elizabeth, it was banned because it interferred with archery practice, but also because of injuries, and because people would rather play football than go to church. The more things change, etc.

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