Trouble in cover land

I’m having problems with the cover for Candle’s Christmas Chair. The agency that handles the photo I’d like to use for the background have set a value on it that – while no doubt reasonable – is too expensive for me. And the agency that handles the invalid’s chair image are having trouble finding a photo of sufficiently high resolution (they normally just rent out the piece, but it is in England and I’m here in New Zealand).

As I’ve discussed in an earlier post, I’ve fixed the typography. You can read my name at Goodreads comment size, and the title of the book is now double the size and readable in a thumbnail.

But I’m going to have to rethink the images. I’m an untried writer and we’re a single income family, so nearly 300 UK pounds between the two images I need is way out of my reach.

For Farewell to Kindness, I’m planning a photoshoot. I want a woman archer on the cover, and that’s not an image I’m going to be able to buy commercially. So an actor, costume, equipment, and photographer. I haven’t costed it yet, but I’m prepared to pay more for the novel than for the novella, and I’m currently writing a brief to go to Student Job Search, so, with luck, it’ll be affordable.

I’d love to use images that are out of copyright. Have you seen the Regency revival images on Wikimedia Commons? Gorgeous! I’ve used several on this blog, including my header and background. But none of them work for the books I’m doing at the moment. Photos by paintings by 19th Century artists are – at least arguably – not able to be copyrighted by the photographer, and the artist’s copyright has lapsed. I love this one, but it won’t work for Candle.


If you’re using images from Wikimedia Commons, check the license requirements and make sure you comply. Some are free to use in any way you like. Others have conditions.

Well, back to the drawing board. I’ve found an image that may work for the background. Now to find a suitable bath chair.


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