Christmas Party Blog Hop

On 20th December (or 21st if you’re my side of the date line) I’m joining 24 other authors to invite you to join us and our characters on a Christmas party in the blogosphere.


More news, and the list of places to party, will follow, but I just wanted to ask you whether you’d rather:

  1. visit with Candle Avery, his mother, and his nabob uncle for Christmas 1804. Candle’s love story, which I’ve been publishing as a serial while I wrote it, will be launched during the party, and will be free to download. It is set in the months leading up to Christmas 1805, so the possible blog post would be a prequel.
  2. have a description of the kind of games played at Christmas house parties in the late Georgian era.

(Or both. I have trouble with making choices, so often choose both.)

Thank you to the lovely Helen Hollick, author of the Sea Witch Chronicles, for organising the blog hop and inviting me to join.


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