I don’t do stress

BookcoverCCC2Candle’s Christmas Chair is almost ready to be uploaded. I’ve written the front and back matter, finished the formatting, proofed to the halfway point (which took just over an hour – so I’ll finish that after work tonight), received my ISBN numbers, read everything Smashwords provides about publishing on their platform, and created an author profile on Amazon.

If I upload today or tomorrow, it’ll be ready for the launch on Saturday (Sunday my time).

By the way, Amazon won’t let me offer Candle for free on their Kindle Direct Publishing platform, so I’m putting it up at their cheapest rate, which is 99c. However, I’m told that they will price match, so do me a favour would you? Once it is available on iTunes and Barnes and Noble for free, ask Amazon to price match?

By the end of the week, I need to have written my blog post for the Blog Hop. I’m planning a short story set at Christmas in Avery Hall in 1804.

And by Sunday, I need to send some brief details about me and my novella to Mari Christie, who has offered to feature it on her blog on 23 December. Thanks, Mari.

I’ve also volunteered to be a team leader for the 10 Minute Novelists 365K Club, a year long challenge to write an average of 1,000 words a day. We kick off with a chat a bit later this morning.

I have several tight deadlines at work, with around 50 hours of work to do before the office closes next Tuesday.

On Friday night, I’m bringing three grandchildren home with me for another craft day (same script as last weekend, different cast).

And I’ve promised to help prepare the church overheads for the Christmas masses.

No need to panic. I can do this. Breathe. Just breathe.


One thought on “I don’t do stress

  1. I’m right there with you. My theme this year is stillness and yet in the middle of laying aside all the non-essentials, not getting out in the hustle and bustle, and being more intentional with my time, my list of stuff to do still feels a bit insurmountable. What I want to do (like escape and write a few thousand words on my novella) conflicts with what must be done (eating and feeding the children). Why is 24 hours never enough? But I’m with you. I just need to breathe, stop fighting the current and tackle the next thing. We can do it.

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