La Contessa and The Marquis

Lindsay Downs Head Shot_M9A0698-resized smallerToday, I’m trying something new. A fellow member of Historical Romance Addicts, a group I belong to on Facebook, asked me to feature his new release. The following post is taken from his media kit. Welcome, Lindsay Downs.

Lindsay Downs: Thank you very much for having me visit you and your blog to introduce my newest regency cozy mystery series, Rogues and Rakehells Mystery. The first book in the series, La Contessa and The Marquis is currently available for preorder with its release set for Monday, Jan 19, 2015.

La Contessa and The Marquis cover medWhen Bianca Maria Ledford Goretti, La Contessa de Massa, flees back to her homeland and the safety of her godmother, The Duchess of Gorham, little does she realize who’s arms she lands in.

Lord Rainer Cross, Marquis of Hathaway, is a well-known and dangerous rakehell within the ton. Little does he suspect his godmother has set him up to halt his skirt-chasing days.

Over time, the reason for Bianca’s return comes to light, andhas Rainer deeply concerned. Not sure who he can trust, Rainer turns to several of his more interesting staff, having them use their talents to ferret out the truth.

Everything get more complicated when they learn a friend might not be who he claims to be. Not sure who to trust, except Rainer and the duchess, Bianca learns several startling facts that could protect her from harm.

Once everything is revealed, the duchess steps in with a surprise; something neither could have ever seen coming.

The trailer is stunning.

For more about Lindsay, see his website or Facebook page. For more of his books and to preorder La Contessa, see your local Amazon. Here’s a link to Lindsay’s US Amazon page.


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