What do you want in an author newsletter?

promoWhen I first set up the website, I added a newsletter form so that people could subscribe to get special updates — and, sure enough, people are subscribing, especially since the publication of Candle’s Christmas Chair. Soon I’ll have the new cover and some other advance information about Farewell to Kindness, and I’m going to want to send out my first newsletter.

So here’s the question. As a reader, what are you looking for in an author’s newsletter?

I subscribe to several myself, and I know what I don’t like. So far, here are the promises I’ve made myself based on my own experience.

  • I will only send newsletters when I have something worth saying — which is likely to be three or four times a year, and certainly no more than monthly.
  • My newsletters will be focused on giving readers interesting content, not on relentless self-promotion.
  • Newsletter subscribers will hear about new stuff before I release the information publicly.
  • Newsletter subscribers will get stuff nobody else gets.

But what stuff? I have a few ideas, but I’d like to hear from you. Here’s what you’ll see on the sign-up page:

As a subscriber, you will receive advance information about cover designs, book trailers, book blurbs, release dates, and special price periods. You’ll also get exclusive subscriber-only special offers, including articles, short stories, and competitions.

I’m thinking deleted scenes, background information about characters that didn’t make it into a novel, the chance to name a character, answers to readers’ questions.

What are your thoughts? Any help would be gratefully received. Just comment below or send me an email through the contact form.



4 thoughts on “What do you want in an author newsletter?

  1. I always like to know more about the hero and heroine after the end I know many times I feel let down once they realize they are in love. Many series will jump to a family member or friend but the others aren’t mentioned much from previous books might be an option to give small snippets into their life.

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