Publishing in 2015

2015-Publishing-PredictionsOn The Future of Ink, Penny Sansivieri, guru in book marketing and media relations, makes 12 predictions for 2015.

Click on the article for the details, but here are the headlines and my brief summary of her contention.

One – Discoverability: you won’t sell if your can’t be found

Two – Paid Social: by the end of 2015, you may need to pay to be seen in social media

Three – Goodreads/Amazon Integration: Amazon owns Goodreads; expect to see full integration this year

Four – eBook Pricing: pricing is likely to settle in the sweet spot

Five – The Surge of Audio and Print: books in multiple formats will sell better

Six – The Rise of the Reader: connecting with readers is crucial

Seven – The Rise of the Hybrid/Indie Author: more traditionally published authors will self publish

Eight – Bookstores Step up Their Game: watch for ‘pay for placement’ as bookstores open their shelves to indie authors

Nine – Combining Forces: authors will combine to reach one another’s readers

Ten – The End of the Review: it’s getting harder to find reviewers

Eleven – Publishers Reinventing Themselves: publishers need to change to remain relevant to authors

Twelve – The Bar is Officially Raised: indie authors must have professional editors and cover designers

So what do you reckon?


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