Troubles in coverland

BookcoverFtK4I do make trouble for myself. I have this concept for the cover of Farewell to Kindness. Since Anne’s ability as an archer is a pivotal plot point, I want the cover to feature a woman in regency dress with bow and arrow. I put the image on my working cover together from several other images – one person’s hair, another person’s body, and a random background. But all along, I’ve planned a cover shoot for the real cover.

I have a photographer (the charming Britt, who drew the chair for Candle). She has organised a model. We have a selection of places for the shoot. But do you think that we can find someone who will let us borrow their long bow?

I’ve tried the prop hire firms. Long bows are apparently not much in demand for New Zealand movies and television shows. I’ve tried the archery clubs. Some archery clubs do have long bow enthusiasts, but not within easy driving distance of my model and photographer.

I’m pinning my hopes on the re-enactment societies. I’ve made several approaches to different groups, and I think I may be getting somewhere. Yesterday, I spoke to someone who has spoken to someone… But no call last night, so if that hasn’t worked by next weekend, I’m off to the annual joust half an hour from here, where they’re advertising traditional archery.

Watch this space!

Meanwhile, here are the four designs (wrong photo, but experiments to look at typography and placement) Britt has sent me as concepts. What do you think?

Rough draft 1 Rough draft 2 Rough draft 3 Rough draft 4


5 thoughts on “Troubles in coverland

  1. Yes the one on the top left is best (with the photo continuing into the bottom section I’m guessing?). I like the way your name is set out on the left, not justified (the JK becomes a memorable set of initials!). And I’d make sure your name is completely clear of the trees.

  2. Top left is *BY FAR* the most professional looking. The rest of the fonts look cheap. I like the picture with trees on the left, but your name would then fit better, right justified, on the right.

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