Latest set of covers – nearly there

Farewell to Kindness draft cover 11006100_792542260800243_292508997_n 11006066_792542257466910_2041870740_n 11004892_792542254133577_486925614_n 10816251_792542264133576_1488495662_nfw 5

I sat on the commuter train with the designer this morning, and we did more work on one of these to make the words ‘pop’ a bit more. I’ll post that when I get it. Meanwhile, what do you think? Which colours and elements do you prefer, and why? UPDATE: I’ve just added the sixth one, where the words are a bit easier to read.


7 thoughts on “Latest set of covers – nearly there

  1. Rather echoing what others have said – I like the blue banner at the bottom because of the connection with the dress. However your name tends to get lost in the leaves in all of them, least so in #2 I think. I prefer the broad bottom banner style (#1, 3, 4) to the narrow one (2, 5) since the narrow edge seems a bit fussy to me.
    Other than your name I therefore like #4 best, but would recommend you and your designer rethink the name bit.

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