Bedazzled Reading review of Farewell

farewell to kindness RGB2Bedazzled Reading is the next spot on the Enchanted Book Tours blog tour, and they’ve posted my very first public review:

Rede and Anne are two very different people but somehow they do match well together. Rede is on the hunt for the people who killed his family. Anne had to change her identity, and must stop Rede from finding out who she is. The historical setting works well. I liked Anne. She’s an interesting and engaging character. Rede was a little more difficult to connect to.

The book is quite long, a little less than 400 pages. It didn’t drag though, instead it moved along nicely. Historical romance fans will love it.

I’m delighted that they liked Anne, and pleased with the reaction to Rede. He was so focused on his own purpose that he couldn’t see what was under his nose. I liked him, because I knew what he would become; but I got quite cross with him, even so.


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