Release party for Farewell to Kindness

11075296_437105299772375_6593635496114302649_nThe people of Longford on Nidd wish to invite all gentry, the middle sort, yeomen, and working people of all levels of society to a day of fun and frivolity at the Longford Whitsunweek fete.

Rumour has it that the new Earl of Chirbury, the wild trapper earl himself, will be in attendance, along with his handsome cousin, Major Alex Redepenning. Major Redepenning is recovering from wounds at Longford Court, his boyhood home and now the seat of his cousin the Earl.

We thank the ladies of the Women’s Altar Society for their hard work in putting together the fete. There will be something for everyone. In particular, look out for the children’s competitions, organised by lovely widow Anne Forsythe. We understand the Earl has given some rather fine prizes. Do Mrs Forsythe’s current suitors need to be jealous?

And, of course, Mrs Forsythe will be competing in the archery competition, a proud Longford tradition. We expect her to be among the finalists.

Or, if you want it in 21st Century terms, please join me on Facebook for the launch of Farewell to Kindness.


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