Dangerous Works by Caroline Warfield

Bluestocking BellesI bought Dangerous Works a few days ago so that I would be able to read it before the next in the series was published, and I devoured it in two bites (going and coming on my commuter train). It is one of those books where the writing is so good you don’t notice it. I was immersed in the story, and time flew by. I dragged myself from the world of Andrew and Georgiana with difficulty, and couldn’t wait to plunge back in.

Georgiana is a woman in her mid-30s living alone because the only man she ever wanted (and the only man who ever wanted her) left without explanation years earlier. She lives for her scholarship – translating and giving a voice to the women poets of ancient Greece. When she finds that her suitor – the only person ever to encourage her work – has returned, she seeks his help with her translation.

Andrew joined the army many years earlier because he couldn’t marry Georgiana. Scarred and still suffering from his most recent injury, he is unhappy to find that the old feelings are still there, stronger than ever.

I sympathised with Andrew, I understood Georgiana, and suffered with them both as they faced gossip, scandal, her powerful family and their own misconceptions. Thank you, Caroline, for a thoroughly satisfying read. Now for Dangerous Secrets!

Disclaimer: Caroline and I are both members of the Bluestocking Belles, a group of 8 regency writers. And I’m so glad to be associated with such a good writer!


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