Planning through to January next year

octopus_writer_by_notya_chan-d4lu170I’ve been doing all sorts of things with the grandpeople today. We’ve practiced spelling, made cupcakes, and washed windows. And in between I’ve been writing the Teatime Tattler column for EST Saturday 23rd May, playing in the Bluestocking Bookshop, contacting my beta readers to see who wants to read A Baron for Becky, writing a publications plan, and creating a spreadsheet with key deadlines for the next six publications.

So here we go:

A Baron for Becky is my next release. I’ll send it to beta readers next Wednesday, but I need to give them enough time for feedback, and fit in with the proofreader; publishing on 23 July, as I’d hoped, is just too tight to achieve the level of quality you deserve. So publication date will be 5 August. All going well, I’ll have ARC copies by late June, and reviewable final copies by 19 July.

Next job for me is the novella for the Bluestocking Belles’ Christmas project. We’re publishing an anthology, with eight Christmas novellas. It’ll be launched on 1 November, but I have to have my edited draft ready by 1 June.

Once that’s gone, I’m back into Encouraging Prudence, and I hope to have that ready for beta readers by 9 July. I’m not having my online launch till late October (I’m thinking 23 October), but I need to be finished early enough to order hard copies for BookTown here in my hometown on 17 and 18 October. So it has to be finished and ready to format by 30 August.

I plan to start writing A Raging Madness on 10 July, and release it on 29 January.

And I have two short stories that I wrote as party prizes. With more parties to go, I might have a book of short stories out for Christmas!

All of that, and the day job hasn’t ever been busier. No wonder I’m doing barely any reading!


7 thoughts on “Planning through to January next year

  1. You, my darlin’ are a never ending source of inspiration to me. Perhaps I ought to sit down and plan the second half of 2015. I am on target up to RWA in July and then “here a miracle occurs.” Of course I believe planning is the human activity that make’s God laugh.

    • It’s written, but I don’t like the ending. It needs major surgery to finish in the right place. And I’ve managed to write a Christmas novella without any Christmas in it. Oops. How did that happen? Ah well. I have a whole week!

  2. My goodness! You are one busy lady! When do you find time to breath? Let alone do laundry! Lol
    I like that you’ve scheduled it out though. That must be very helpful for keeping in track.
    Have a good weekend!

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