Humour on WIP Wednesday

I’ve been to a few Facebook parties in the last year, and whenever I’m asked what I like in a hero, I always include ‘a sense of humour’ somewhere in the list of important qualities. What about you? And if so, how does your hero (or your heroine) show their sense of humour in your book?

As always, please post up to ten lines, and don’t forget to share the post so other people can see your snippet. Mine is from A Baron for Becky. Aldridge has woken up naked in a strange garden, and has wrapped a ladies’ shawl around his hips. His cousin arrives in response to an urgent message.

“Rede?” Aldridge said, the boards creaking as he shifted his weight. “Rede, you came yourself?”

The cousin replied, “With a message like that? ‘Stuck at Perringworth’s cottage just outside Niddberrow. No clothes, no horse, no money. Send closed carriage to the summerhouse, urgently. Your loving cousin, Aldridge.’ Fetching kilt, cousin. Pink roses on a green field. Setting a new fashion?”

Aldridge laughed. “I’ll bet you a gold guinea, at least a dozen people would imitate me, were I to walk through Hyde Park dressed like this. I did think it rather better than the alternative, especially if I had to walk all the way to the Court.”Jacques-Dumont-le-Romain--007 Naked man sleeping


2 thoughts on “Humour on WIP Wednesday

  1. Not a WIP, but I suppose everyone will live… 😉 From Royal Regard:


    Bella’s slipper caught on the waxed floor. Taking advantage of her instability, he held her waist more firmly, drawing her close to encourage her shivers and gooseflesh.

    “You said you had no designs on me! You swore by the Knight’s Creed!”

    He leaned in to murmur, “I am not a knight, my sweet.”

    With less wallflower and more worldly woman, she laughed, “Sir Satyr, I’m sure, charter member of the Order of Rakehells, pledged to lead me down the path to depravity.”

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