Things I’m grateful for one year on

Thank-YouA  day or two shy of one year ago, I dipped my toe into the water of indie publishing, wrestling with the intricacies of kindle direct publishing and the infamous Smashword’s Meatgrinder program to put Candle’s Christmas Chair up into the e-retailers in time for Christmas.

Nearly 70,000 downloads later, Candle is about to be replaced as my permafree by Hand-Turned Tales, three short stories and novella currently at those same two organisations waiting for their review and approval.

And in the meantime, I’ve published two novels (Farewell to Kindness and A Baron for Becky), half-completed another (Embracing Prudence), and written Gingerbread Bride, a novella published in the Bluestocking Belles box set, Mistletoe, Marriage, and Mayhem. The box set has sold close to 11,000 copies, and raised upwards of US$3,500 for The Malala Fund.

So with more than 75,000 downloaded ebooks in my first year as a published romance writer, it’s time to give thanks.

Thanks for my family. For my wonderful husband, who ever and always supports and encourages me. For my sister, who is my first reader. For my family, who accept my neglect with amused tolerance.

Thanks also for the other wonderful authors I’ve met and worked with. For the Bluestocking Belles, without whose support, friendship, encouragement, and incitement, I would not have accomplished nearly so much this year, and especially for Mari Christie and Carol Roddy, my partners in many different kinds of theoretical mayhem. For the Romance Writers of New Zealand, who gave me my first conference, my first award, and my first official role in our industry. For all the writing friends I’ve made on FaceBook and Twitter and in Real Life.

And, of course, thanks for my readers. For the beta readers who coax and cajole me to do my best. For the Belles Brigade, who support all the Belles so magnificently. For the subscribers to my newsletter and my blog. For followers on FaceBook, Twitter, and Pinterest. For anyone who has left a review of any of my books, or even a comment when we’ve passed one another in cyberspace letting me know that my words have struck a chord.

Thank you for a wonderful 2015.


Love hearing from you