Reading my way through a cold

I’m slowly surfacing from hibernation with a winter cold. The irritating cough lingers, and I still flake mid-afternoon and yearn for a nap, but at least the fog has lifted from my brain and the plot elves are functioning again.

I’ve put the time to good if lazy use by catching up on the books I’d downloaded to my kindle app but never read, and raiding my library’s electronic catalogue for entire series that I read years ago and wanted to read again. I’ve binge read most of Jo Beverly’s Company of Rogues, Shana Galen’s de Valère series, Elizabeth Boyle’s Brazen series, Stephanie Lauren’s Lester Family and her Adventurers’ Quartet, Anna Campbell’s Dashing Widows Club, and individual books by Shana Galen, Jane Ashford, Sally MacKenzie, Grace Burrowes, Allison Lane, Callie Hutton, Sandra Schwab, Tessa Dare, and others.

(Yes, I read fast.)

Who are your favourite go-to authors when you’re proper poorly?


3 thoughts on “Reading my way through a cold

  1. Glad to hear you are recovering. My go to authors also include Grace and Mary but I also love Jane Austen (I regularly go on courses run by Hazel Jones). I also read Stephanie Laurens over and over again.

  2. Initially, I was a little confused by your “winter cold.” It’s almost 90 degrees out! Well, it is in Pennsylvania, USA- pretty much on the other side of the world from you. Took me a minute to puzzle that one out.

    My absolute go-to authors are Grace Burrowes and Mary Balogh. I own every single book either has published in paperback form, as well as most in digital format. When I’m sick, it seems that I put down the iPad and pick up old favorites in book form. Perhaps it’s a comfort thing?

    I must admit, though, that a fairly new author is creeping up on the virtual shelf next to Grace and Mary– Jude Knight! I also own every single one of your books. Although they’re in digital format, they have quickly become as dear to me.

    Get well soon and get back to writing, please! I’m anxiously awaiting your next book!
    Best wishes,

    • Thank you, Mary. Your comments have given me a real lift! Grace Burrowes and Mary Balogh are shining stars in the firmament, and to be sitting anywhere in their vicinity gives me a huge thrill. My next job is to edit my own stories for the two anthologies I mentioned, and meanwhile my imagination is following my heroine’s daughter up the Great North Road, while said heroine tries to pretend she is not attracted to the hero (an effort complicated by the need to avoid spies, Luddites, and Irish terrorists).

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