Concealed in Shadow

Concealed in Shadow
Coming in 2017
It is not until Prue disappears that David fully realises what she means to him. And finding her again may mean choosing between his country and his woman.
About the Book

The story that began in Revealed in Mist continues in Concealed in Shadow.

When Prudence disappears with David’s half-brother, he is determined that she must have met with foul play, whatever interpretation others might put on it. But finding her again may mean choosing between his country and his woman.

Here are the first three paragraphs.

The ship had been at harbour for four days now, after a stormy passage from London. The sailor who brought their daily allocation of food and drink would not answer questions, but Prue guessed they were docked somewhere in Ireland. Certainly, the polyglot shouting that filtered into the ship’s hold had been flavoured these last few days with the musical lilt of Gaelic, and of Irish-intoned English.

She and Gren were shackled to the same wall bolt, with enough play in the chains that they could reach the narrow bed, the bucket that did for amenities, and the food and drink their jailors periodically sent.

They had not seen those jailors since the day of their capture. Were Wharton and Jo Palmer still aboard? Had Aldridge raised the alarm? Would David be able to find trace of them? Prue fretted away the long hours wondering.

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