Farewell to Kindness

Farewell to Kindness
USD4.49 ebook, $17.99 print
Series: The Golden Redepennings, Book 1
Genres: Historical romance, Historical romance - mystery
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9780473313548

Hidden from the earl who hunts them, Anne and her sisters have been accepted into the heart of a tiny rural village. Until another earl comes visiting.

Rede lives to avenge the deaths of his wife and children. After three long years of searching, he is closing in on the ruthless villains who gave the orders, and he does not hope to survive the final encounter. Until he meets Anne. As their inconvenient attraction grows, a series of near fatal attacks draws them together and drives them apart. When their desperate enemies combine forces, Anne and Rede must trust one another to survive.
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About the Book

Farewell to Kindness is book one in The Golden Redepennings.

For three years, Rede has been searching Canada for those who ordered the murders of his wife and children.

Now back in England, he has inherited an Earldom from his cousin George, and is close to finding the investors who ordered the deaths in an attempt to destroy Rede’s fur trading enterprise.

When he travels to his country estate to be close to the investigation, he does not need the distraction of an overwhelming longing for the lovely widow who lives in one of the cottages he owns. A widow, moreover, with a small daughter whose distinctive eyes mark her as George’s child.

For six years, from the night Anne blackmailed George at arrow-point for an income and a place to live, she has been in hiding with her sisters and daughter.

She hides from the scandal of her daughter’s conception. More importantly, she hides from the sinister plans of her uncle, the Earl of Selby.

The last thing Anne needs is an inconvenient attraction to the local Earl. If he finds out who she is, she may lose everything.

To build a future together, they must be prepared to face their pasts – something their deadly enemies have no intention of allowing.

Read the first three chapters.

Farewell to Kindness is Book 1 in the series The Golden Redepennings.

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