If Mistletoe Could Tell Tales

If Mistletoe Could Tell Tales

All Jude's published Christmas stories in one discounted boxed set.

What better time to fall in love than during the magic of a family-centred festival? Jude has collected all her published Christmas themed stories, apart from those in 2017 anthologies, to produce ♥If Mistletoe Could Tell Tales♥. Contents comprise novellas ♥Gingerbread Bride♥, ♥Candle’s Christmas Chair♥, ♥A Suitable Husband♥, and ♥Lord Calne’s Christmas Ruby♥, and stories from the Tales collections, All that Glisters and Magnus and the Christmas Angel. The collection won’t, probably, interest those who already have most of those books, but Jude is also be selling the new one, ♥Lord Calne’s Christmas Ruby♥, as a stand-along ebook novella.
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About the Book

In this 2017 box set, you’ll find Jude’s four published Christmas novellas plus two Christmas-themed stories from her lunch-length reads collections. All together in one 97,500 word volume for your holiday pleasure.


Candle’s Christmas Chair (A novella in The Golden Redepennings series)

They are separated by social standing and malicious lies. How can he convince her to give their love another chance?


Gingerbread Bride (A novella in The Golden Redepenning series)

Mary runs from an unwanted marriage and finds adventure, danger and her girlhood hero, coming once more to her rescue.


Magnus and the Christmas Angel (from Lost in the Tale)

Scarred by years in captivity, Magnus has fought English Society to be accepted as the true Earl of Fenchurch. Now he faces the hardest battle of all: to win the love of his wife.


Lord Calne’s Christmas Ruby

Lalamani prefers her aunt’s quiet village to fashionable London, its vicious harpies, and its importunate fortune hunters. Philip wishes she wasn’t so rich, or he wasn’t so poor.


A Suitable Husband

A chef from the slums, however talented, is no fit mate for the cousin of a duke, however distant. But Cedrica can dream. (first published in Holly and Hopeful Hearts, a Bluestocking Belles collection.)


All that Glisters (from Hand-Turned Tales)

Rose is unhappy in the household of her fanatical uncle. Thomas, a young merchant from Canada, offers a glimpse of another possible life. If she is brave enough to reach for it.


Series: Tales collections
Genres: Historical paranormal, Historical romance - traditional
ASIN: B07751PF6H
ISBN: 9780995104938
eBook Price: $2.99
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