Free short stories and novellas

A Raven’s Lady, All that Glisters, Kidnapped to Freedom, and The Prisoners of Wyvern Castle are part of my published collection, Hand-Turned Tales, which is free from eretailers.

The Lost Wife, My Lost Highland Love, The Heart of a Wolf, and Magnus and the Christmas Angel are available in print at Amazon, BooksAMillion and Barnes and Noble, and as an ebook as part of the Lost in the Tale collection.

The two supplements to A Baron for Becky, Meet the Cast and When Fictional Worlds Collide, are only available here.


The Raven’s Lady (5,000 words) epub mobi


The Prisoners of Wyvern Castle (23,500 words) epub mobi


The Lost Wife (4,500 words)  epub mobi


The Heart of a Wolf (7,000 words) epub mobi


My Lost Highland Lass (7,300 words) epub mobi


Magnus and the Christmas Angel (7,500 words) epub mobi


Kidnapped to Freedom (4,700 words) epub mobi


All that Glisters (13,000 words) epub mobi














Cross-author stories

When Fictional Worlds Collide – epub

When Fictional Worlds Collide – mobi














Character interviews from A Baron for Becky

Meet the cast – epub

Meet the cast – mobi

8 thoughts on “Free short stories and novellas

  1. Thank you Jude for the quick reads & the short stories/novellas. What a lovely gesture on your part for the Christmas Season. May you & yours have a lovely Christmas & all the very best for 2018.
    Irene Gray

  2. Hey Jude (love writing that :P)
    just wanted to thank you a lot for these awesome freebies and tell you that the links for The Ravens Lady are wired wrong. When you click on .mobi, you get .epub and vice versa.

    Best wishes

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