I welcome guest authors

Please contact me if you’d like to appear on the blog. The Duchess of Haverford is delighted to welcome your heroines on Monday for Tea (any genre), and I love to publish interesting snippets from people’s research on Footnotes on Friday (historical, which I take to be any time period up to 1965).

I also occasionally spotlight someone else’s book on a Sunday. Generally, this will comprise a blurb and maybe an excerpt post. Ask if you’d like a date. I don’t agree to do reviews, though I will review a book if I have the time, and if I love it. I don’t rate books when I post a review on this website, but here’s the star rating system I use on Goodreads and the eretailer sites:

  • 5 stars. This book satisfies on every level. It has depth of character, theme, and plot. It is superbly written and well edited. It does not leave unsatisfactory loose ends, and the relationship resolution is convincing. I believe in the couple’s happy ending.
  • 4 stars. This is a good book. It misses one or two of the elements I look for in a great book, but I really enjoyed reading it.
  • 3 stars.This might be a good or even a great book for someone else. Maybe it is just not to my taste. Often, the issue is that it’s suited to someone less pedantic than me, because I’m bothered by inconsistencies, unlikely behaviour and inaccuracies. But hey, I finished it, which I don’t do if a book leaves me completely cold. It might be just your cup of tea.
  • 2 stars. Did not like.
  • 1 star. This book was totally offensive to my value system.
I don’t post 1, 2, or 3 star reviews. I know how people obsess over reviews, and don’t want to cause pain.