Works in Progress

My most recent novel, Revealed in Mist is the story of the investigation (and romance) that Rede’s friend David was involved in during the events reported in Farewell to Kindness. I’ve made a start on the sequel to Revealed in Mist, Concealed in Shadow.

A Raging Madness, which follows another Farewell secondary character, Alex Redepenning, is with the proofreader and will be released on 9 May.

My Christmas novella in lastyear’s Bluestocking Belles box set was the first in the series In the Halls of the Mountain King. My hero James is the eldest son of a man who once ruled a kingdom in the mountains between Turkmenistan and Iran. As well as The Bluestocking and the Barbarian, Holly and Hopeful Hearts contains my bonus novelette, A Suitable Husband. I’m releasing A Suitable Husband as a stand-alone also in May.

I’ve slightly lost track of my chronological order. The box set tells about eight romances between guests at a house party hosted by my Duchess of Haverstock in 1812. My first four novels all start in 1807. But with my novellas I’ve started to jump around, and I may keep that up with the novels.

In chronology, Lord Danwood’s Dilemma, and the stories of two of Prudence’s sisters follow in 1808. In 1809, the last of the Virtue sisters finds her happy ever after. More stories follow in 1810.

And so it goes. 1811 is a very busy year, and in 1812, the Mountain King and six of his ten children arrive home from Central Asia to take the London Season by storm. Aldridge’s story, for those who have asked, is the third book in the Mountain King series. (The Bluestocking and the Barbarian is the first, and I’m holding off on putting it out in its own covers until I’m almost ready to publish The Healer and the Hermit.)

I’ve plots through to 1820, and several that haven’t matured enough to have a setting or a date yet. And, since some of my characters have appealing children, who knows?