Playing the story game

I have a pagination problem in my CreateSpace files, so CreateSpace tells me, and it won’t let me download a pdf proof until I fix it. Tonight. I’ll do it tonight when I get home.

Meanwhile, I thought you might like to see the covers of the two stories I wrote as prizes for those who won made-to-order stories from me last month: one at the Bluestocking Belle’s housewarming party, and one at the launch of Farewell to Kindness.

Here’s how I play the made-to-order story game.

The winner gives Jude Knight three characters or objects, and a trope. Jude writes a 2000 word to 5000 word short story any way she likes, but it needs to include the three choices and be an interpretation of the trope. Jude retains copyright (and may use the story later either as it is or amended), but the winner gets a printed copy despatched from CreateSpace within three weeks of giving Jude the specification. (Delivery speed will depend where in the world you happen to be.)

Crystal and Tiffany, Saturday is the three week point, and I’m going to make it!

TRL cover


KtF cover2


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  2. I had to change the front image for Kidnapped to Freedom; I’d managed to pick one that was still under copyright. I think it still looks good, though.

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