Sunday retrospective

time-machine-blog-imageIn this new regular feature, I’m going to link to posts from a year ago or more: sometimes mine, sometimes those I’ve commented on.

Today, I’m looking at September in 2014, when I chatted a bit about what I was doing (let’s not worry about that) but also wrote about the price of sugar in 1807 (and how I found out what it was) and the difficulties in finding out about seating etiquette at a formal late-Georgian dinner.

The timeline of stories that I posted remains accurate, though I’ve added some and changed the order in which I am writing.

And I asked my few readers way back there at the beginning of my blogging what they thought about lo-o-o-o-ng books, since I appeared to be writing one.

And I wrote a post that read:

Elyse writes in defence of romance novels on Smart Bitches Trashy Books.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what I read. It doesn’t even matter that I do read, quite frankly. What matters is that we live in a world where fiction aimed directly at women is perceived as garbage. That doesn’t say anything at all about me, it says a lot about what needs to change.

I’ve quoted the last paragraph, but read the whole thing. Cheers and cookies, Elyse.”


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