First kisses on WIP Wednesday

Today, I’m featuring first kisses. With four works-in-progress underway at the same time, I have a few to choose from. Two of them are not at all far along, but I was in a party on Facebook where kisses were the theme of the day, so I wrote a kiss scene for each.

Below is the first kiss between Alex Redepenning and Ella Melville, hero and heroine of A Raging Madness, the second Golden Redepenning book. How about showing me yours?

In A Raging Madness, Alex Redepenning is rescuing the widow Eleanor Melville from her scheming relatives. Alex and Ella are fighting the attraction between them. I haven’t yet written as far as their first kiss, but I’m guessing it is going to go something like this:

“How is your leg?” she said, doing a creditable job of keeping her voice steady. Alex could not be so calm. He had nearly lost her!

She knelt beside him looking anxiously at the pernicious limb. To hell with the leg. “Ella!” She turned her head to meet his eyes. He said it again, his voice breaking. “Ella.”

Her eyes full of wonder, she lifted her hand to touch his face, and he noticed the holes in the crown of her hat.

“Your hat!” he managed. She untied and unpinned it; removed it and poked a finger into one hole and then the other.

“The bullet went through my hat!” She sounded surprised, but not alarmed.

“Too close.” Unable to bear the distance, he tugged her into his arms. “Too close, Ella.” He folded her close and tucked his face into her hair.

She pulled back, warning him, “Alex, be careful of your leg!” Her face turned up to him tempted him beyond measure, and he covered her mouth with his, the thwarted desire of a decade or more released by the fear of the last half hour.

Damn the leg, he would have said, but her mouth had risen to meet his, and he had no breath for speech; no mind with which to think. In all the universe, there was only Ella.


7 thoughts on “First kisses on WIP Wednesday

  1. Love these, ladies!!!

    I haven’t written the first kiss yet. But I wrote *a* kiss for Valentine’s Day. A sad, good-bye kiss. It’s the first kiss I’ve written for the book, so we’ll count it…


    Her shoulders dropped, and she leaned against the window, letting the cold seep into her hot skin. She owed him everything, but could give him nothing. “We cannot be, Rupert. It does not work, and you know this.”

    He closed the distance between them, sweeping her into an embrace. Before she could protest, his lips crashed down upon hers. Despite an outward appearance of calm, she was eager for the kiss, for it would be the last they shared, and she wanted to savor every moment of it.

    He took his time, slowly parting her lips with his tongue, and she knew she would relive this kiss for the rest of her days. When his lips left hers to trace the vein that led to the pulsing hollow at the base of her throat, she thought she would catch fire. Surely the frost upon the window panes would be melted from the contact.

    All too quickly, the embrace ended, and she was cold again.

  2. Here’s the first kiss in my WIP, The Renegade Wife.
    We. The word hung between them. She couldn’t look away. They stood for a long time in the narrow hallway. He closed the space between them so gradually that she didn’t realize it until his mouth was inches from hers, his warmth surrounded her, and his eyes searched hers. She couldn’t say if those eyes searched for permission; she couldn’t think at all. There was only awareness: of the man, of his warmth, of his bedroom door feet away.

    The kiss came gently, a touch, a caress. She let herself feel it, starved for tenderness, and she breathed in his scent—pine and wood smoke. Her hands slid up his rough shirt, around his neck, and into the hair that hung to his collar.

    Long fingered hands cupped her head then, splaying into her hair, and he deepened the kiss softly, gently without force. She opened gladly.

    Perhaps it was the sensation of cold. Perhaps it was the intrusion. Perhaps reason simply asserted itself. Meggy didn’t know what brought her to her senses. When he began to unbutton her dress she stiffened and put her hands on his chest to push him away. She had forgotten much for a few moments but one fact came to her clearly.

    “I’m married Rand! He may be a poor excuse for a human being but he’s my husband still. Nothing changes that.”

  3. As always, thanks for the opportunity. This is from my WIP, The One. While on a cruise, Addie (her real life persona)/ Adeola (her persona on the ship) and Marcus have pretended to be a couple. This scene happens at an island straw market where stopped at a souvenir stand to look at some rings.

    She hadn’t wanted a ring from him because she’d wanted to protect her heart. Too late. She’d already lost that battle. No matter what happened, when it ended, she’d be hurt. And she’d survive. She’d survived heartbreak before. She’d survive it again.

    What if for once in her life she didn’t hold back? Addie would never have considered it. Before she could even wrap her mind around the question, Adeola already had the answer.

    In these last few days, what she wanted more than anything was to give herself over to the fantasy of it all. She’d be back in the real world soon enough.

    She gazed deep into his eyes hoping he read in her eyes what she couldn’t say with her mouth, at least not yet.

    He leaned into her probably intending to give her a chaste kiss on the check as she’d demanded. As he got closer, his lips didn’t stray from their intended path, her lips. This was her cue to turn. For the first time, she didn’t.

    They moved closer. Their lips inches apart now. Her mouth parted ever so slightly. He stopped as if he couldn’t believe what was happening, as if waiting for her to give permission.

    She closed the distance between them hoping to wipe away any doubts he may have had about her intentions.

    Their lips met. He kissed her, soft at first then drew her hard against him in a long, hungry kiss that matched her own.

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