#MFRWAuthor blog challenge: A long hot Christmas holiday

My Summer holiday is officially over, and the working year begins again on Monday. What better time to begin a 52-week blog challenge? One post a week on one of the themes below.

This week’s challenge is ‘A few of my favourite things’. What are my favourite things about a New Zealand Christmas?

Time with my personal romantic hero. I’ve been on holiday and his workload is down. Our wedding anniversary is two days after Christmas, and after 45 years of marriage, I love the guy more than ever.

Fresh berry salad. That’s a family favourite. Strawberries, red currants, raspberries, boysenberries, cherries (okay, I know they’re not a berry, but they’re red), blackberries, blueberries… they’re all in season, and mixed together and served in the crystal bowl we were given as a wedding present, they’re delicious. And a traditional centrepiece to our dessert at Christmas dinner.

Hot dry days. Okay, this is New Zealand, and if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute. But we’ve had some hot dry days!

Time to catch up on things I don’t normally have time to do. We now have a drain across the front of the deck, I’ve made a start on tidying the sewing room and have sorted out a bag of clothes to donate, and I’ve updated my asset list for the will kit. I’ve also been to see two exhibitions at Te Papa, our national museum.

Time with friends and family.

Yes. Christmas holidays are the gift of time.


5 thoughts on “#MFRWAuthor blog challenge: A long hot Christmas holiday

  1. I came across your name because I was looking up the definition of the word “quadroons” and you wrote a bit about it. The word was in a book I am reading about the life of Newton Knight. Are you related to him?

    • No, I’m not. Knight is a pen name, a shortened form of Knighton, which is my legal name. My husband’s family came to New Zealand from England, and were originally from Lancashire. Newton Knight sounds like a very interesting person! I hadn’t heard of him, but looked him up after reading your comment.

    • Thank you, Shari. I’m sure I will. Doing nothing is not a talent of mine! I envy you the ability, and hope you have the gift of time to enjoy it.

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